Why support us?

We need your help! Bidding for a Worldcon is an expensive marathon process that runs 2 years or more. Your support enables us to fund our bid efforts at various conventions where we encourage people to vote for us. We put on fantastic parties and spread the word about Worldcon which helps our community and introduces our committee to a larger fan base. We would welcome your support whether it is financial or if you would like to volunteer to help us in this endeavor.

How to vote for a Worldcon in Kansas City

All Attending, Young Adult Attending and Supporting members of Loncon 3 are eligible to take part in the process of site selection. Remember, as a member of the Worldcon you also get to vote on the Hugo Awards!

To vote for site selection, you will need to submit a ballot – either in advance, or in person at the convention up to the close of voting on Saturday 16 August 2014. You will also need to pay an Advance Membership/Voting fee (usually $40) in addition to your membership, which will be converted to a Supporting membership in the 74th Worldcon (hopefully that will be in Kansas City if you vote for us)!

Nothing gets done in Kansas City without Boss Tom.

What’s a Goat? ($20)

Boss Tom Pendergast Supporters. This will go to bid expenses.

What’s a Rabbit? ($50)

Boss Tom Pendergast Opponents. This will go to bid expenses.

What’s an Alderman? ($120)

$100 will go toward your Worldcon membership.

What’s an Magistrate? ($240)

$100 will go toward your Worldcon membership.

What’s a Senator? ($10,000)

Full attending membership for you and a guest to any Worldcon that takes place in 2016, with a full-page bio in the program book.