Because location location location!
Kansas City, MO being so centrally located makes it easy to get to by plane, train or automobile. There are large populations of fandom within an easy drive so come on by and enjoy what Kansas City, MO has to offer. The international airport (MCI) is about 20 min from the Convention Center and Hotels and the train station is only 1.5 miles away.

Why KC?

We have a room rate of $124 a night with free Wi-Fi at the Marriott Downtown which is a block from the Convention Center. Restaurants and entertainment will be easy to reach from our location and we're only 20 minutes from the airport. Our committee is very proud of their Kansas City, MO home and we want to share its undiscovered treasures with you!

Support Us!

We need your help! Bidding for a Worldcon is an expensive marathon process that runs 2 years or more. Your support enables us to fund our bid efforts at various conventions where we encourage people to vote for us. We put on fantastic parties and spread the word about Worldcon which helps our community and introduces our committee to a larger fan base.